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Foodie Friday week 50

Hello and welcome to week 50 of Foodie Friday, I’m going to start by apologising for being MIA, been having a few issues with my blog – it kept deleting all new post, which is helpful! Anyway I’m back and hopefully my tame house geek has sorted out what ever was wrong! Continue reading

Slimming Worlds Pepper Pot Stew

I’m going to say now, I am not on a diet but I know lots of people are.  And diets are changing, they aren’t about eating like a rabbit and always feeling hungry anymore. Diets and diet foods are changing, and they taste amazing. As my father in law said to me “I didn’t realise I was eating diet food till my clothes became loose! Continue reading

When your not really green fingered !

I’m going to be honest, I’m probably one of the most ungreen fingered people that your ever likely to meet, brown fingered if you will – although kiss of death is probably more apt! My history of house plant disasters is long and well documented, normally forgetting to water them the number one reason for their demise! I’m pretty sure I’m wanted for crimes against house plants and wouldn’t be surprised if there is pictures of me in local garden centres saying ‘DO NOT SELL PLANTS TO THIS WOMEN!’ Continue reading

#BabyLove My Toddler Life

Toddlers love to play with anything and everything, they have enquizative minds that can often work out how something works long before us. Today’s modern toddler is surrounded by tech and this gorgeous picture book takes a look at the relationship between us, our kids and our smart tech in a fun way. Continue reading

Foodie Friday Week 47

Hello and welcome back to foodie friday, we took a bit of a break last week, well i say break, Katie has been busy redesigned our badges – what do you think? They look great don’t they!

Continue reading

Foodie Friday week 46

Just like bake off, after a short break #FoodieFriday is back but unlike GBBO our line up hasnt changed! Myself and the fabulous Mummy in a tutu are still here!  Continue reading

Jamberry review and giveaway

When the very lovely Laila at Jamberry asked me to take the 7 day Jamberry challenge, review and run a giveaway for her, I was very excited. I have always loved getting my nails done but since Mimi came along I don’t really have the time (or money) to go out every 2 weeks and get a new set of acrylics – and to be fair its taken best part of 3 years for my nails to recover from the years of abuse I’ve put them through.  Continue reading

Chicken and butter bean cassoulet

With the good old english summer weather doing what it does best, meal planning has become a real pain in the backside. I want quick and easy but comforting, doesn’t look like the BBQ’s going to be getting any action anytime soon, but I refuse to get my slow cooker out from the back of the kitchen cupboard where it spends its summers, it is almost August after all!   Continue reading

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I'm Becky, a chocolate and coffee fueled stay at home mum living in West Sussex. I have three amazing daughters, a wonderful partner and a crazy jack russell cross.

When I get a spare moment I like to read and if I can stay awake long enough I enjoy watching films.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying creating this new blog, read more here.

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