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Foodie Friday week 45

Hello and welcome to week 45 of foodie Friday, as always we had some lovely dishes linked up last week and I’m sure there will be more this week. My tummy is grumbling in anticipation!  Continue reading

Foodie Friday week 42/43

Hi peeps, and welcome to weeks 42 and 43 of foodie friday due to a technical hitch my post last week (week 42) disappeared, not sure where it went or quite what when wrong so this week its a double bubble.

Continue reading

Foodie Friday week 41

After a technical blip last week we are back – again ! And I don’t mind telling you I’m hungry after reading all your amazing foodie posts, and I cant wait to see what you have got lined up for us this week. Continue reading

Not paella, paella!

While shopping the other day I picked up some paella rice and seasoning with the intention of making the Spanish dish, then I realised that paella is primarily a fish dish – and I dont eat fish! And so not paella, paella was born. Originally I was only going to add chicken and chorizo but I found some pancetta in the fridge and thought why not! Continue reading

AniMalcolm by David Baddiel

So a house so full of animals that its like living in a zoo, a dream come true for most kids, but not for Malcom. Malcom does not like animals, he would rather have stuff, the things he wanted not animals.

But something is about to happen to Malcom that will change everything……..

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Foodie Friday week 39

I’m going to start with an apology for being AWOL last week, i had a few personal things going on and something had to give, and unfortunately it was blogging. But I’m back and I’m hungry like the wolf!  Continue reading

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I'm Becky, a chocolate and coffee fueled stay at home mum living in West Sussex. I have three amazing daughters, a wonderful partner and a crazy jack russell cross.

When I get a spare moment I like to read and if I can stay awake long enough I enjoy watching films.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying creating this new blog, read more here.

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