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Foodie Friday week 50

Hello and welcome to week 50 of Foodie Friday, I’m going to start by apologising for being MIA, been having a few issues with my blog – it kept deleting all new post, which is helpful! Anyway I’m back and hopefully my tame house geek has sorted out what ever was wrong! Continue reading

When your not really green fingered !

I’m going to be honest, I’m probably one of the most ungreen fingered people that your ever likely to meet, brown fingered if you will – although kiss of death is probably more apt! My history of house plant disasters is long and well documented, normally forgetting to water them the number one reason for their demise! I’m pretty sure I’m wanted for crimes against house plants and wouldn’t be surprised if there is pictures of me in local garden centres saying ‘DO NOT SELL PLANTS TO THIS WOMEN!’ Continue reading

Foodie Friday week 42/43

Hi peeps, and welcome to weeks 42 and 43 of foodie friday due to a technical hitch my post last week (week 42) disappeared, not sure where it went or quite what when wrong so this week its a double bubble.

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Foodie Friday week 32

Hello and welcome to week 32 of foodie Friday, another week and another amazing selection of food related posts, it was so hard for katie and I to choose just 1 post each but we’ve done it and I hope you agree with our choice, but first a bit about us.  Continue reading

Foodie Friday week 29

Hello and welcome food lovers to week 29 of #FoodieFriday. I hope you all have had a fab week and can’t see what delicious dishes you have been creating.

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Foodie Friday week 28

Hello and welcome food lovers to week 28 of #FoodieFriday. I hope you all had lots of yummy pancakes and that none of you have given up delicious food for lent!

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Foodie Friday week 27

Hello and welcome food lovers to week 27 of #FoodieFriday. What a week we had last week, so many cakes and puds Katie and myself put on a stone just reading them! But we can’t wait to see what you have got for us this week.

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Bit of a Rush


I’m going to be honest with you when I was working and I had just the older 2 girls, who where at school I would have a fair bit of time between finishing work and them finishing school so popping in to town to do a bit of shopping or to get my hair done, was something I did regularly. Continue reading

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About Me

Hi and welcome!

I'm Becky, a chocolate and coffee fueled stay at home mum living in West Sussex. I have three amazing daughters, a wonderful partner and a crazy jack russell cross.

When I get a spare moment I like to read and if I can stay awake long enough I enjoy watching films.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying creating this new blog, read more here.

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