Bit of a Rush


I’m going to be honest with you when I was working and I had just the older 2 girls, who where at school I would have a fair bit of time between finishing work and them finishing school so popping in to town to do a bit of shopping or to get my hair done, was something I did regularly.

Now it’s very different, I seem to always running here there and everywhere but I never seem to actually get anywhere! Mimi certainly keeps me on my toes that, coupled with moving that bit further away from our family, it’s not so easy to get a sitter. And to be honest ‘me time’ just isn’t a priority, but when I was given the opportunity to pop in to the newly opened Rush in East Grinstead I jumped at the chance.

On arrival I was greeted warmly by Hannah who took my coat, sat me down and said that Jess would be with me shortly. I was offered a drink and some magazines, both of which I accepted – I don’t get the chance very often to enjoy a hot drink let alone a magazine! The tea came in a teapot with a chocolate, a biscuit and best of all there was no toddler hounding me to share!


Jess came over shortly after and introduced herself we had a chat about my hair and what I wanted, something that looked nice, with a few layers that was low maintenance and could still be tied back! – I don’t ask for much do I!

Next Samantha took me over to the sinks to have my hair washed – my all time favourite thing about going to the hairdressers! I also had a treatment applied to my hair. While she was washing my hair I was chatting with Samantha I found out we had both moved from the same area to East Grinstead – talk about small world!


Hair washed and treated, it was time for Jess to work her magic, while she did her thing we got chatting, (I also enjoyed another hot cup of tea – feeling very spoilt now!!!) as often happens when in the hairdressers chair. East Grinstead is a town with a deep and rich history and many of the buildings are listed and Rush’s building is no different. When I moved to East Grinstead the building was a dodgy looking run down phone card shop, but Jess and her team have totally revamped it and it looks amazing both inside and out, modern but sensitive to its history, but it would seem someone isn’t so keen on the renovations, Geraldine is the shops resident ghost and she loves nothing more than messing with the girls especially Jess and Hannah when they are locking up for the night! Her favourite trick is to whip the mirrored letter R from Rush on the front desk and send it fly across the shop (I tried to pull one of these letters off and I couldn’t do it, but Geraldine has done it numerous times!) they also came in one morning and found all the posters had also been removed! – Who doesn’t love a good ghost story and this was a fab one. When Jess had finished I couldn’t have been happier, my hair looked and felt AMAZING! And I walked home with quite a spring in my step.


I had an amazing time being pampered at Rush in East Grinstead and have decided that having a bit of me time is something I need to do more often, so when Mimi starts at preschool in a couple of weeks I’m going to be sure to give myself a bit of pampering in some way even if it’s just painting my nails!



For the purpose of this piece I received a free treatment, cut and blow dry from Jess at Rush, East Grinstead.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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