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As the daughter of a chef I’m a shockingly bad cook, smoke alarms going off and me burning myself are regular occurrences. I am trying to improve my skills but these things take time. But the one thing I pride myself in are my roast potatoes. I don’t cook traditional roast dinners very often, I really should as a kid we had a roast dinner every Sunday, where as I think other than Christmas the last time I did a roast was Mothering Sunday! But I will often do roast potatoes to accompany other dishes. For me the perfect roast potato is crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

So this is how I achieve (in my opinion anyway) the perfect roast potato.

You will need

potatoes (I have found Maris Piper potatoes to be the best)

beef dripping


I start by putting the oven on on its highest setting 220 (mine is a fan assisted.) I then peel and chop the potatoes and then put them in to a saucepan of cold, lightly salted water and bring to the boil while the potatoes are cooking, once the oven is up to heat put some of the dripping in to your roasting tray (used about a 3rd of a block and cut it up) and put it in to the oven to get nice and hot!


I boil the potatoes for about 10mins then drain, put them back into the saucepan pop a lid on and give them a good shake, to rough up the edges. Next, I carefully remove the roasting tray of fat from the oven and very carefully put the potatoes in WARNING please be really careful and expect the oil to spit.


Once the potatoes are in use a spoon to ensure the potatoes are covered in the fat and get them into the oven as quickly as possible. Once in cook for 20mins at 220 (fan assisted) and then turn down to 200 for 1 hour. After 30mins at 200 take them out give them a quick shake and then pop them back in.


After an hour of cooking remove from the oven and enjoy with your chosen accompaniment – I can recommend lashings of gravy!

I hope you enjoy these roasties and remember I love to hear your feedback and see what you cook.

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