When your not really green fingered !

I’m going to be honest, I’m probably one of the most ungreen fingered people that your ever likely to meet, brown fingered if you will – although kiss of death is probably more apt! My history of house plant disasters is long and well documented, normally forgetting to water them the number one reason for their demise! I’m pretty sure I’m wanted for crimes against house plants and wouldn’t be surprised if there is pictures of me in local garden centres saying ‘DO NOT SELL PLANTS TO THIS WOMEN!’

But having lived in flats since leaving home, this was never a massive issue anyway, until that was, I fell pregnant with Mimi. We went from living in a flat with an amazingly kept garden (thanks to the professional gardeners that visited weekly!) to the gorgeous house in the country with front and back gardens to be looked after. Nightmare! I try, my mum tries, but I still end up pulling up the wrong things or cutting things back to much. Having a garden is lovely but its hard work especially when you really dont like it and are pretty pants at it.

I’m never going to be invited to do a show garden at Chelsea, but I’m trying, so while the rest of the garden is cared for by sparkly daddy and sparkly nanny, I have my little corner where I am currently growing some chilli peppers and cherry plum tomatoes that i bought as seedlings.

But I wanted to grow more, so I decided to have a go at upcycling something i had laying around to grow in.

What i found was an old colander, i thought this would be perfect for growing herbs in. So here is how i upcycled my colander into a herb planter!

For this project you will need,

– some soil

– seeds (I used a box of mixed herbs)

– all purpose miracle-gro plant food

– an old colander

– some stones or broken pieces of pot

– newspaper

– a wooden spoon

– a permanent marker pen

I started by first lining the the colander with newspaper, then i placed the bits of broken pot in to the bottom and filled with soil and the miracle-gro Plant food.

I mixed the plant food into the soil and then sprinkled the seeds on the top.

Then I watered the colander, and wrote on the wooden spoon, using the permeant pen I wrote on the wooden spoon ‘mixed herbs’ and stuck it into the soil and placed it in a nice sunny spot in my garden.

Don’t forget to keep it watered!

If like me your far from being green fingered check out the handy tongue in cheek how to guide from the lovely people at Miracle-gro, little green lies is available here !


For the purpose of this post i was sent a selection of miracle-gro products, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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