AniMalcolm by David Baddiel

So a house so full of animals that its like living in a zoo, a dream come true for most kids, but not for Malcom. Malcom does not like animals, he would rather have stuff, the things he wanted not animals.

But something is about to happen to Malcom that will change everything……..

It’s his 11th birthday and all he wants is a laptop. He even put it on his birthday list and hung it on the kitchen wall but the cats just had to fight and take it down so no one would see it. After all the birthday singing, he was finally able to open his present. Listing all the features of his dream laptop in his head as he opened the box, he didn’t remember seeing big fluffy ears as one of the features he saw online so why did his have it and why was it in a cage? But it’s ok there is the school trip to look forward to but oh no even that involves animals – its a trip to a farm! But something is about to happen to Malcom, and nothing will be the same again.

As you would expect from a book by David Baddiel, its a laugh a minute! I really enjoyed this read and it didn’t take long to finish it as I couldn’t put it down. Its perfect for both boys and girls, with a wide ranging age group of 8 – 13 year olds however, its also ideal for parents to share at bedtime or in spare time, and it is also a good excuse for our adults to enjoy it too! I will definitely be buying more books by David Baddiel as I found it a really fun read and it was definitely a page turner. I cant wait to read his other books now! Its a classic in the making and any one could see it!


This is a collabrative post and for the purpose of the review I received a copy of the book AniMalcom and payment for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


RRP £6.99 and it is available to order online from Amazon

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