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Thank you to Rachel from RachelBustin For tagging me in the mummy tag, below are my answers to the Mummy Tag questions.


1, Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum? 

I am currently a stay at home mum but before the arrival of my youngest I was an early years practioner and this is something I am looking to return to in the next couple of years.

2, Would you have it any other way? 

No, and I really appreciate that not everyone is as lucky as me, but I do have days when I miss the routine of work and also adult conversation!

3, Do you co-sleep? 

I did occasionally when all 3 was younger but I found we all slept better when the girls where in their Moses basket next to my bed rather than in it.


4, What is your one must have item for your baby.

My sling, I had to travel by train daily to take my middle daughter to school so it was a must for me.

5, How many kids do you plan on having? 

Well I have 3 daughters, only ever planned to have 1 maybe 2 at most, but now I would never say never although my Mr would most definitely disagree with that!

6, Date night? How often do you have them? 

Date what ? I have to be honest we don’t really do date nights but I have booked my mum to sit for us when the Suicide Squad film comes out later this year

7, Your child’s favourite show? 

This week it’s pepper pig in Portuguese!

8, Name one thing you bought before you had baby and never ended up using? 

A guess how much I love you, over cot musical mobile, it’s still in the box under her cot!

9, Your child’s favourite food. 

Curry! She loves having a curry with naan bread and popadoms and as a ‘treat’ she enjoys a box of raisins


10, How many cars does your family own? 

We have 2 cars and a motor bike they are all my OHs tho as I don’t drive (or ride!)

11, Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now.

I don’t ever weigh myself but I didn’t gain much while pregnant – just baby and within about 2 weeks I was back in my old clothes.

12, Dream holiday with your kids ? 

We have taken the older 2 to Florida already, although we would love to go back so I would say a trip to Australia, I would also love to do the whole Lapland experience too.

13, Dream holiday without your kids? 

No question in my mind on this one it would be New York although I don’t like the thought of going abroad without my babies!

14, How has your life changed since having kids? 

My ability to leave the house without it turning into a military operation! Going to the toilet or having a bath/shower alone – this never happens anymore! Spontaneously going out! And sleep I now have the ability to ‘function’ – although I use that term loosely! On 2 and a half hours of broken sleep!

15, Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when………” 

I watch my children playing together (and when I sneak in and watch them sleeping)

16, Where do you shop for your kids? 

Mainly I shop in H&M and TU at Sainsburys but I do like Next, M&S, M&Co and George at Asda is great value for money.

17, favourite makeup and skincare products? 

I’m not a big user of makeup on a day to day but I love my Avon matte lipstick, I love it so much I have it in 3 shades and have just ordered 2 more! As for skincare I swear by bodyshops vitamin E range a particular favourite is the aqua boost sorbet, and I always have a tin of Vaseline in my bag!

18, Huggies or Pampers?

With my older 2 I always used Huggies but this time round I found that Huggies have withdrawn their nappies from the UK market (now only selling swimmers, dry nights and wipes here) so I use Aldi’s mamia nappies I did try pampers but wasn’t very impressed

19, Have you always wanted kids?  

In a word yes!

20, Best part of being a mum?

Having my own little mini me’s !!!

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4 Responses to The mummy tag

  • It was good to get to know you a bit better from your answers. I want to go to Lapland too when my little one is old enough. #TribalLove

  • Oooh I love the clothes in Sainsburys and I couldnt live with out my ergo! I laughed that you say never say never about another baby but your other half is adament that there won’t be anymore. My hubby feels exactly the same way 🙂 #triballove

  • I didn’t know huggies had withdrawn their boppies. They always leaked anyway! I sneak in to watch the boy sleep as well, so beautiful 🙂 ~tribe

  • Everyone loves it when folks get together and
    share views. Great site, keep it up!

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