Yes my baby eats curry!

Now here at sparkly towers we all love our spicy food, curries of all kinds and you can’t beat a bit of jerk chicken now can you ?


So we was keen to introduce a bit of spice into Mimi’s diet as early as we could. We started her on my coconut curry and she quickly moved on to chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, chasni, balti, byriani and she even tried a bit of madras – although I think that may have been a little too hot ! But it hasn’t put her off in the slightest she loves her curry, naan bread and popadoms.


i think it’s important for children to start having the same meals as the rest of the family as young as possible and to let children try a wide range of foods and flavours.


I’m very proud to say that all 3 of our girls are very adventurous and will pretty much try anything once (even if it is only the once !), Grace loves calamari after trying it while out with friends for tapas!


People always seem so surprised when I say that Mimi loves curry and they seem even more surprised when they realise I’m not talking about a korma or butter chicken and I don’t really understand why, this age is the perfect time to introduce some amazing flavours and textures to a babies diet before they hit 2 or 3 and all they want is fish fingers half a bottle of ketchup and a bag of crisps! I should point out at this point that we make all of our curries from scratch – no jars here!!!


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  • Amazing, Clem loves a curry too! She’s not a fan of anything too spicy but as long as she has poppadoms to eat with it she’s usually happy. x #triballove

  • I completely agree with you. One of my friends from my old work’s sister (a stretched connection if ever I had one…) wrote a cook book on indian food for kids as she realised there’s quite a big market for it and even when she was giving her own kids food she was opting for bland, whereas she’d been bought up on spices! Anyway, I think it’s called Easy Indian Supermeals and her name is Zainab Jagot (I think! if you’re interested! #triballove

    • I’m going to have a look and see if I can find it sounds like a good read (and who doesn’t love a cook book!!!) xxx

  • Yay, well done! There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby curry, the larger the variety of food they eat at a young age the better. Mine loves eating a green thai curry. Claire x #triballove

  • ah love the fact that you’re so brave with tastes with your children. My three love curry too and always have done. Impressed that you make so many – I make them from scratch too – I make a fab coconut dal with homemade chapatis and also a fab aubergine curry! Great pictures #triballove

  • I’m so jealous! I have the pickiest toddler. It’s awesome that your children are so adventurous. Sounds like you’re doing a great job! #TribalLove

  • I wish mini-me would eat with a fork! If she can’t pick it up with her fingers she won’t touch it…or she will and it will become a huge mess!

    She does like spicy things however! Or at least I think she does…either that or she just wants to eat whatever I have regardless of how it tastes!

    Lu xx


  • Brilliant Becky. We have curry, home made too, probably once a week, we add yoghurt to the really hot ones an R loves it. At 11 months I think it’s great! #triballove

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