‘It’s better to burn out than fade away’

22 years ago today the world lost, in my opinion anyway, a musical genius, Kurt Cobain lost his battle with his inner demons and a very young Frances Bean lost her daddy.

Book - the biography of Kurt Cobain

I was 12 nearly 13 and was in love and ore of the floppy haired, scruffy, voice of a disinchanted generation. Long before the conspiracy theories, books and countless documentaries.

I was living in Croydon at the time and as news filtered down to us in our pre-Internet, news 3x a day world, myself and my friend Kirsty decided that we would go into to Croydon, Kirsty wanted a tribute T-shirt and we knew that if anywhere would have one it would be the rock stall down Surrey street market so off we went, they had all the usual items but no tribute item but said ‘I’m sure you’ll find one in Covent Garden” so without giving it another thought we walked up to East Croydon train station and jumped on to a train and went up to London, Kirsty got her T-shirt, we got back from our detour in one piece, bought a couple of bits from Croydon so as not to give away where we had really been we got home and our mums was none the wiser about where we had really been that day, only finding out about 3 years ago the truth about that day !

22 years on and so many theories about what happened that day in Seattle, Washington But one thing still remains the world lost a musical genius and a little girl lost her daddy.




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