Avon’s new gel colour

Avon’s new gel colour, gel shine nail enamel put to the sparkly mummy test !


Ok so I have a confession I love nail polish and I have done since my early teens when I would buy spectacular nail polish for £1 a bottle and I had more colours than I had nails to paint. When at 14 I had my tonsils out, I was told no nail polish on my fingers so I painted every toe a different colour – much to the amusement of the nurses !

When my eldest started at nursery I started getting getting acrylics which I had removed just before daughter number 2 was born.

So as you can see I’ve always been into doing things with my nails, when Avon book dropped though my door last month with swirls of bright nail polish and the announcement of “the new gel colour that now lasts twice as long” and “who needs the salon?” I have to be honest I was intrigued, I repaint my nails around every 2 days because house work and hand washing from changing nappies and pretty nails aren’t a great match !


The deal was half price nail enamels (£3.50 – RRP£7) and 3 free gifts when you buy any 3 products over around a dozen pages so I bought Red Velvet, Parfait Pink and the gel shine top coat. The 3 free gifts was an acrylic nail file, nail corrector pen and liquid freeze quick dry nail spray.

My order arrived on Friday evening and I excitedly removed the polish I was wearing and decided to try Red Velvet.

Now I have been painting my nails for years and one thing that I have found is that dark colours like red need more than 1 coat and sometimes more than 2 coats. But with this one coat was all that was needed to get a deep colour and complete coverage, tick 1 ! It didn’t take long to dry – I didn’t think of timing till after it had dried ! But I would say it was no more than 90seconds I then applied the clear top coat that again to no time to dry and also didn’t remove any of the colour, keeping the top coat crystal clear.


Saturday I went shopping, ran around after 4 girls (my middle daughter had a friend round for a sleepover) and did all the things I normally do and the nail polish still looked fab !


Sunday we did the vintage bus run, some shopping and got the older 2 girls ready for school the next day. And my nails stayed on point !

image image

This evening (Tuesday) though I have noticed some small signs of wear and a couple of small chips on 2 of my nails. But I have to say I’m really impressed with how this nail polish has lasted and will be buying more in lots of colours.




RRP £7 but they are 3 for £9 in the current brochure (number 8).

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