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This weekend was the opening weekend of Disney’s latest movie, Moana and I’m sure it’s set to be a massive hit. With stars such as Dwanyn Johnson and Nicole Scherzinger lending their voices to the characters. So with it being a tad chilly outside we decided to explore the Moana happy tin.

Mimi couldn’t wait to rip open the paper she was very excited, I then had to wrestle the tin from her and get her dressed, I know, I know rookie mistake!


Once dressed she couldn’t wait to explore the contents of the tin and she wasn’t disappointed. Felt tip pens, stickers, a double-sided poster, colouring book, activity book and a story book.


We started by reading the story book, now as a mummy of girls I’m loving the new direction that Disney is taking with their female leads, no longer are they ‘damsels in distress’ in need of rescuing. They are now strong independent women with brains and the courage of their convictions and Moana is no different.

Moana is the daughter of Chief Tui and they live on the beautiful island of Motunui that is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, the Chief didn’t want the people of Montunui sailing beyond the reef because it was dangerous but the people were happy with this because they had everything they could ever need right there on the island.

As Moana grows up as the future Chief of the island, she learns about the dangers that can be found beyond the coral reef and that if she doesn’t replace ‘Te Fiti’s heart’ the darkness and monsters beyond the reef will one day take over their island. And so the adventure begins, now I don’t want to spoil the story so I’m not going to say anymore but be sure Moana is probably the strongest Disney character to date.

Reading the story really got Mimi excited, I have to be honest I have read the book quite a few times over the weekend and now almost know it completely off by heart! But it’s such a lovely story I really don’t mind when Mimi hands me the book and says “more mummy” she also sits and ‘reads’ it to herself. It’s also become our go to bedtime story book.

The poster has pride of place on her bedroom wall, and she is very proud of it, but I think of all the treats in the tin her favourite bit was the felt tip pens and the colouring in story book, this kid loves to draw and colour and so spent a long time colouring each page and again ‘reading’ in a way only 2 year olds can, this is the first time she has used felt tip pen’s, and I can confirm that the pens are completely washable!  We still have the stickers but I think she is eyeing up the bedroom mirror as the perfect home for them! This tin has provided no end of enjoyment, even the tin its self with 2 of the pens became a drum – oh the joy!


This really has been a tin of happy, Mimi has really loved exploring everything in it even tho I would say it’s aimed at children slightly older this hasn’t hindered her enjoyment of its contents and its continuing, I’ve actually ordered one for my niece as I think she would really like it, I mean who doesn’t love Disney!



For the purpose of this review I was sent the Disney Moana happy tin by the publishers, Parragon books. The RRP for this is £16:99. But is currently available on Amazon to prime members for £5*

*prices correct as of 5/12/16

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