Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – As old as time, A twisted tale

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we’ve probably all seen the film Disney film from 1991 – I know it was a rainy Sunday afternoon staple in my house! Maybe you’ve seen or are planning on seeing the 2017 live action film starring Emma Watson. Think you know the story? Think again!

As old as time, turns that story on its head. As it flicks back and forth chapter by chapter, from the story we know to the untold back story of Belle’s parents, until the 2 stories collide with an earth shattering realisation as Belle touches the enchanted rose.

In a vision, the unknown, untold history that binds Belle and the Beast is revealed, bringing them together in a way neither was expecting or could have predicted.

Although this is a Disney indorse book and a retalling of a very well known and well loved story, it’s nothing like the all singing all dancing soft filtered animation of the early 90’s or the highly polished live action remake that is currently in cinemas.

This a much darker, much more adult story. We meet Belles mother, who up until now has been an unknown entity, we learn the secrets and powers she is hiding, what drove the young Belle and her family from the kingdom of her birth to the small village where everyone gossips about everyone, but in particularly the beautiful Belle. And we find out a lot more about the man trapped inside the beast – so much more than has even been hinted at in either of the films.

This book really is a twist on the original story and I love the fact that they have taken a real risk with this, after all we all know this story, we have grown up with the film and by taking and changing one key detail in the plot it sends this fairytale down a completely different, much darker path, with lots of added twists along the way.

As old as time is the 3rd twisted tale in the series by Liz Braswell that features A whole new world – a twist on Aladdin, and Once upon a dream – a twist on Sleeping beauty. I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely going to read the other titles.

For the purpose of this review i was given a copy of As old as time by Liz Braswell, I recieved the book from Parragon Books LTD.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

RRP £7.99 and it is available to order online from Amazon.

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