When all you want to do is sleep

Quiet often when I go to bed my brain seems to go into overdrive. I start writing draft blog posts in my head or just thinking/worrying about really random stuff.

The other night I found my self worrying about Tom – do you remember him ? He was your first friend on MySpace, was he sitting over on MySpace all alone wondering where we all went? Waiting for us to come back, should I start a movement to get everyone using MySpace again? I felt genuinely bad for abandoning my MySpace page for Facebook – see I told you they was random!
Then there was the night I lay awake for almost an hour wondering why ants collect up their dead, by the time I had fallen asleep, I had imagined a very elaborate funeral ceremony with weeping widow ants, lots of flowers, a tiny ant grave yard, little ant funeral cars and obituaries read by loved ones around the open grave – I have always had a very vivid imagination!
FYI I googled the reason that ants collect their dead and it is no where near as exciting as I had imagined. They collect up the bodies because of a kind of ant OCD they don’t want dead ants in the nest so as soon as they smell a dead ant they automatically collect it and take it to the dead ant pile, but because ants are like little robots and this is action is triggered by smell they do it whether they are inside the ant colony or not. The dead ant pile is normally a separate chamber within the nest and so this is why they carry their dead back to the nest – I still prefer my version!

Please tell me I’m not alone and that you have strange thoughts when you are trying to get to sleep!

3 Responses to When all you want to do is sleep

  • Haha Becky this is great! Don’t worry about Tom from myspace. I’m fairly certain he had quite a few million dollars to keep himself amused with! I wonder if he joined facebook like the rest of us!

  • You are not alone! I have the strangest thoughts and worries that keep me up all night, but now you have put Tom into my head I am going to be worrying about what happened to him, thanks 😉 #triballove

  • Definitely not alone! I always attempt to think nice things before bed though, because I nearly ALWAYS end up dreaming about what I was thinking about! Actually I can be so bad for it that I usually go to sleep watching something because otherwise my mind WON’T shut off!

    Lucy xx #triballove

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