Our crafty morning

Yesterday morning Mimi and I went to a local babies craft class. Fairy and pirate tots is an hour long kids imaginative craft class, where each week you get to make a keepsake. The classes are themed and this weeks theme was pigs.


We had so much fun decorating our tile and turning Mimi’s foot print in to little piggies. Mimi also enjoyed the bouncy castle, ball pool and the floor to ceiling mirrors where a big hit! Unfortunately due to a melt down caused by an early wake up (thanks to her big sisters shouting at each other at stupid o’clock in the morning). We didn’t get to enjoy the story of the three little pigs at the end of the session. After the story all the children got a sticker each – and who doesn’t love a sticker! I enjoyed getting messy and creative with Mimi without having to worry about wreaking the carpets. We are looking forward to going back next week when we will get to make treasure boxes.

(Fairy and pirate tots was £8 for the trial session for more info please visit Fairy tots)

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