In,out,in,out, shake it all about!!!

Oh no not another referendum post! Well it is and it isn’t, I think we all need to stop, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


After witnessing a few things on my personal Facebook page, I felt compelled to write about it. I’ve seen people – friends – making personal attacks against each other, purely on the basis of which way they are planning on voting! After those ballot boxes are closed and the votes have been counted, in or out, in the cold light of day we still have to live together, work together and generally get along, Britain will still be Britain and we will need to unify for us to continue to thrive.


I’ve avoided posting anything with regard to the referendum on Facebook I’ve not posted which way I’m planning on voting but I read everything that I see posted, I get involved in debates to a point, and I have, on in or out posts put a single word answer, and one of these single word answers so enraged one person – who I didn’t know at all, that they felt the urge to send me a private message telling me how stupid I am I how I need to get myself  an education, so I did the educated thing and deleted and blocked them. And more generally I’ve noticed that as soon as you reveal what way your going to vote there seems to be someone ready to jump on you and tell you your wrong and this is the correct way to vote – correct way ? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t think there was a right or wrong way to vote? A vote is something very personal to the individual you can’t tell someone that what they think is wrong, that the values that they hold dear aren’t as important as what yours are, but that is what your doing if you tell someone that the way that they want to vote is wrong.


When it comes to voting you and you alone have to make the decision on what way you want to vote, if you want to vote at all, and what you feel is right for you and yours, you have to look at the facts and decide on the the principles that are most important to you, same as you would in a general election.

I really hope all this passion translates to voter turn out on the day and doesn’t lose momentum before we reach the 24th, never in my 30+ years have I known the country so fired up over a vote.

I have learnt one thing though through this and that is, if you don’t want idiots sending you rude private messages keep your vote between you and the ballot box.

We are lucky that we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship and I think we’d do well to remember that sometimes.

4 Responses to In,out,in,out, shake it all about!!!

  • Great post – so important that people turn up and have their say. No one has the right to judge someone for whichever way they vote, it’s our own personal choice. I agree that the vote should be between you and ballot box – I shan’t be shouting which way I went, not because I am ashamed but because it’s no one else business! #triballove

  • Great post! There is no right way or wrong way as long as you vote for what you believe in. I am really struggling with how to vote and I can’t believe the tactics that have been employed in this campaign. No one is coming out well.

  • Fab post Becky! I completely agree, there is no right or wrong way to vote – it’s completely your decision, and very personal. That said, I’ve seen a few people of Facebook too who just can’t help themselves to let it be known that they think people with a different opinion to them is wrong. It makes me angry when I see those comments – good on you for speaking out.

  • I totally agree, I find that the people that ask me which way I’m voting is because they don’t know themselves. I’ve not had anyone attack yet but I’m not shouting out which way I’m going either! #triballove

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