Try it Tuesday – Yorkshire puddings


This week I made dad plus 4s chips and gravy Las Vegas style but added a sparkly mummy twist! 

A couple of weeks ago dad plus 4 linked up to #foodiefriday and ever since I have been craving his chips and gravy Las Vegas style, so this week I decided to give them a try and as a sparkly mummy twist I, for only the second time attempted Yorkshire puddings,the only other time I attempted them they was more Yorkshire biscuits than Yorkshire puddings! So I have for years been keeping aunt Bessie in business!

So I had a Google and I found a recipe that claimed to be an ‘award winning perfect Yorkshire pudding recipe‘ – it sounded perfect.

I wanted to make 4 large yorkshires so followed this recipe but halved the ingredients

110g (225g) plain flour

2 (4) eggs – beaten

150ml (300ml) milk

salt and pepper

beef dripping

l started by first putting the oven on high to get it warmed up, I put my wet ingredients in to a bowl and gave them a quick mix with my electric hand blender,and then added my dry ingredients and gave it all a mix. Once the oven was up to heat I put a blob of dripping in to each bit of  my big 4 muffin tray and popped it in to the oven to warm up, one the fat had melted and was smoking hot I removed the tray from the oven, poured the batter in and put the tray back in to the oven as quickly as I could. I reduced the temp on the oven down to 200c (fan assisted).


They took about 20mins to cook and they where, in my opinion the yummiest yorkshires EVER !!! And everyone else seemed to agree, sorry aunt Bessie there will be no more frozen Yorkies in this house, it’s all about the fresh sparkly mummy ones now! And they went perfectly with the Las Vegas style gravy,chips and I also threw in some onion rings for good measure!



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