Try it Tuesday – stew and dumplings with a twist


With the nights drawing in and a definite chill in the air my slow cooker is coming into its own. This week I made an old favourite with a twist, beef stew and dumplings with horseradish!

In my stew I used

350g diced beef

1 leek – roughly chopped

2 onions (1 red 1 white) – diced

a sweet potato – peeled and diced

2 carrots – washed and sliced

swede – peeled and dice

Small potatoes (like jersey royals) washed and placed in whole

3 beef oxo cubes

1 table spoon of horseradish

a squeeze of tomato purée

For the dumplings

Half a cup of suet

1 cup of self raising flour

Warm water

I started by turning my slow cooker on and setting it to high, I then prepped my veg and meat and put it into the slow cooker, crumbled over the oxo’s, added the horseradish and tomato purée, covered with water and gave it a quick stir. I put the lid on and left it on high for 30mins and then turned it down to the low setting and then pretty much forgot about it – well as much as I could with the smell of stew filling the house!


I left the stew to cook on low all day, about 30mins or so before we wanted to eat I made my dumplings. I mixed the flour and suet in a bowl with some warm water until it was a sticky doughy consistency I then split it in to 5 and placed then in to the stew and left them to cook for around 25-30mins, once did they were cooked dinner was ready.


We all really enjoyed the stew as we always do but the horseradish didn’t really add anything, in fact we couldn’t even taste it, it just made the stew look a little curdled, but I think next time I might try adding more maybe 2 table spoons is the answer.





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