Try it Tuesday – mushroom risotto


I’m back ! This week I have made my first ever risotto. I found the recipe in ‘East Grinstead living’ – a small local free magazine that we etc though the door monthly. I used their recipe as a guide only and added a few extra ingredients of my own.

1 tsp vegetable oil (I just poured a glug of it into my pan !)

300g of risotto rice (I used Arborio rice)

900mls of vegetable or chicken stock (I used veg)

1 crushed garlic clove

1 onion (the original had 5 spring onions trimmed and chopped but I forgot to buy them when I went shopping !)

A box of closed cup or button mushroom cleaned and chopped (the recipe asked for 3 handfuls but it was easier just to do the whole box !)

The only other ingredient listed was 75g of frozen peas, now I’m going to be honest I’m not about to start weighing peas nope not going to happen, but I decided to also add a 200g can of sweetcorn so I then used the can measure out the frozen peas I also added half a tree of broccoli

This recipe did 3 generous portions plus a toddler sized portion !

This recipe is freezable.

I started by heating the oil and garlic in the pan I then added in the the onion and stirred once the onion started to colour, I added the rice and kept stirring it Till the rice appears glossy but not brown.


I added the sliced mushrooms gave it a quick stir, added about half the stock gave it another good stir, reduced the heat, covered and left it to simmer. Once the rice had absorbed all the stock, I added the broccoli, a bit more stock and stirred again. I kept adding the stock a bit at a time till it was all absorbed. At this point I added the sweetcorn,peas and some ground black pepper,gently stirring till its all heated though and the dished it up with some garlic bread.


You could add chicken or prawns to this dish if you wanted, but to be honest we enjoyed it as a meat free dish and didn’t feel it needed meat to complete it.


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